The Weekend is made possible by the generous support of alumni and friends like you. Your sponsorship shows your pride in this remarkable institution and provides for world-class programming that brings our community together.

All donations, minus the value of your event tickets, are tax-deductible. 

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Interested in supporting W&M Weekend?
Contact Craig Anzalone ’94 at cranzalone@wm.edu or 747-245-5873.

San Francisco 2023 Sponsors

Green Sponsors

D. Bruce Christian ’73 and Spas Christian
George E. Cruser Jr. ’84 and Lynn K. Cruser
Mark J. Linaugh ’84 and Janice S. Linaugh

Medallion Sponsors

Glenmore Hines Harding ’65
Audra Lalley Mallow ’90 and Michael L. Mallow
Marilyn Ward Midyette ’75 and Payne H. Midyette ’75
Barbara Berkeley Ukrop ’61, L.H.D. ’23, P ’85 and James E. Ukrop ’60, L.H.D. ’99, P ’85

Signature Sponsors

Diana Titolo Alexander ’61 and Joseph K. Alexander Jr. ’60, M.A. ’62
Jean Berger Estes ’75, P ’06 and Rob W. Estes ’74, P ’06
Brian J. Focarino ’11, J.D. ’15 and Brian J. Shea J.D. ’15
Adrienne Haubert Heist ’91, P ’24 and Matthew C. Heist ’91, P ’24
Nancy Cote Kane ’84 and Christopher J. Kane
Tina Reynolds Kenny ’92, P ’24 and Stephen M. Kenny ’92, P ’24
Bethany G. Lukitsch ’94
Todd W. Norris ’86, P ’18, P ’19, P ’22 and Jennifer Q. Norris P ’18, P ’19, P ’22
Janet McNulty Osborn ’85
Pamela Goodrich Palmore ’68, M.A.Ed. ’74, P ’02 and Fred W. Palmore ’67, P ’02

William H. Payne II ’01
Ronnee Repka Taylor ’69 and James R. Taylor ’69

Legacy Sponsors

Gregory S. Binnings ’05
Megan B. Dorward ’07 and Richard J. Brahan
Alice G. Givens ’94
Gerald A. Jeutter Jr. ’82 and Michelle Jeutter
Kirsten Shiroma Quackenbush ’05 and David A. Quackenbush
John Cole Scott ’00 and Katherine M. Scott
Stephanie Rose Tuttle ’92 and Ramsey Walker

Friends of the Alumni Association

Karen Silverberg Lambert ’98 and Matthew T. Lambert ’99