Leadership Committee

A dedicted group of alumni help guide William & Mary Weekend from conception to realization of an enlightening, exciting and fun-filled weekend for the entire W&M commuity. We are endlessly grateful for the time, expertise and dedication they have brought to the initiative.

William & Mary Weekend in San Francisco Committee Chair

David T. Scott '93, Chair

William & Mary Weekend in San Francisco Committee

Catherine Williams Ambrose '07
Brenna D. Anderson '15
Paul R. Antebi '94
Michael Derrick Belmear '92
Gregory S. Binnings '05
Jacklyn C. Ciotti '16
Beth Sala Covin '83, P '21
David R. Covin P '21
George E. Cruser Jr. '84
Caleb D. Ebert '16
J. Thomas Flesher '73
Kent A. Fortner '92
Jacqueline M. Genovese '87
Alice G. Givens '94
Glenmore Hines Harding '65
Anna Dinwiddie Hatfield '96
Jennifer E. Hayes M.Ed. '04
Adrienne Haubert Heist '91
Matthew C. Heist '91
Jane Church Horvath '86
Erik H. Houser '10
Allison Demoff Jacoby '93, P '14
Chase T. Jordan '15
Cynthia Little Jordan '88
Heather E. Kelly '95
Benjamin L. Kennedy '05
Tina Reynolds Kenny '92
John F. Kirn III '12
Martha Kristine Koch '99
Bethany G. Lukitsch '94
Nam T. Ly-Sarmiento '06
Julia R. Martin '09
Jacob Mathew M.B.A '01
Kevin Jon McIntire '93
Christopher J. Perez '14
Samantha L. Phillips '14
John H. Ribble '12
Carol A. Rousseau '85
Cara L. Schlanger '87
Kathy Bello Shepherd '90
Sarah Bikofsky Sugerman '92
Edward P. Tugade '98
Stephanie Rose Tuttle '92
Xiao-Wei Wang '98